Pool Repairs

Pool Repairs

Pool Repairs

Leave Your Swimming Pool Repairs To Us!

With more than 25 years of pool repairs and service behind us, you can rest assured that your pool repair will be completed to the highest possible standard, ensuring that not only is your pool functional but totally safe for you and your family.

We are delighted to be able to offer the following pool repair services in Fort Worth, TX and the surrounding areas.

Equipment Repairs

It may not look like it on the surface, but modern swimming pools need a fair bit of equipment to keep them running effectively. Unfortunately, when one or more of these pieces of equipment fails, so too can your pool. For this reason, it is important to get them repaired to a high quality as quickly and efficiently as possible. We can offer a comprehensive equipment repair service on any part of your pool. Some of the repairs that we are most frequently asked to undertake to include the following:

Pump and motor repairs

The pump is at the very heart of your pool’s circulation, enabling your pool water to recirculate through a filter so that it remains clean, hygienic and looking crystal clear. Swimming pool pumps have three key components. These are an electric motor, an impeller, and a hair trap. If your pump isn’t serviced on a regular basis, you will almost certainly find that it requires repairs from time to time.

Pool heater repair

If you have a heated pool, then you have an important piece of equipment called a pool heater. Again, regular maintenance should help this to work effectively for some time, but if the heater starts to fail, we can assess and potentially repair it.

Automatic pool cleaner repair

An automatic pool cleaner can be a great investment, but there may be times where it isn’t working as effectively as it once did, or even working at all. In these instances, you may want to find out if your device can be repaired before you consider replacing it. We have the skill and experience needed to undertake repairs to automatic pool cleaners. If repair is not possible or cost-effective, we can talk to you about replacement.

Freeze guard repair

Freeze guard for pools comes in many different forms, from conventional standalone freeze protectors to those which are built into electronic control systems. Unsurprisingly, these are designed to prevent your pool water from freezing and potentially damaging the structure, pipes and more – something which can be expensive to repair. We have the experience needed to undertake the majority of freeze guard repairs, helping to escape the damage that is common in the winter months.

Equipment Replacement

With proper maintenance, pool equipment can and should last for some time. However, there does often come a point where it is not viable or cost-effective to undertake repairs. At this point, we will always recommend that you consider replacing the faulty piece of equipment with a new alternative. We are able to supply a comprehensive range of pool equipment products to fit all pools and budgets, and where necessary, fit this on your behalf.

Plumbing Repairs

Pipes and plumbing make up a crucial element of a functional swimming pool. Many people take these for granted thinking that once their pool has been plumbed in and set up, there shouldn’t be much else to worry about. However, cracks, leaks and other issues can arise and need to be dealt with promptly to prevent further problems from occurring. We offer a full leak detection and professional pipe repair service that ensures that you don’t end up facing extensive and expensive consequences.

Filter Work

Filter maintenance is an essential component of any swimming pool. If your filters aren’t properly maintained, you could end up with a pool that is unpleasant to swim in and could potentially put your health at risk. We undertake all aspects of filter work to ensure that your pool filters are functioning properly and effectively including backwashing the filters on a regular basis so that they don’t become blocked and replacing/changing the filters as when is required. There are many different types of pool filter and we have the knowledge and experience to be able to work on any variety.

Work on Timers

A swimming pool timer is a valuable tool for helping to save energy in the operation of your pool. When you turn your pool’s pumps on and off at set times, you can run them when you need to and shut them off during the times when your pool isn’t in use. Like all equipment, there is a chance that one day your timer will stop working. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to rush out and replace it. There may be a number of reasons why your pool timer is malfunctioning, and we may be able to use our troubleshooting knowledge to repair it.

Pool Tile Repair

The tiles within your pool can become damaged over time and they may even come off entirely. Not only does this look unsightly, but since the underlying beam (the area of the pool wall behind the tile) is likely to be rough, it is important that you get any broken tiles repaired fairly promptly. It is not unusual for a pool to need a complete re-tile around every 20-25 years and we can undertake all of your tilings needs to exemplary standards.

Coping Repair

Pool coping is the material above the tile line that covers the top of the pool structure. Its purpose is to block water from penetrating the area behind the pool shell, to keep debris like grass and dirt from entering the pool and to give swimmers a safe way of entering and exiting the pool. If the coping on your pool becomes damaged, we can repair it to a high standard to ensure that it matches the remaining coping and so that it doesn’t pose a risk to swimmers or bystanders.

If you would like to learn more about our pool repair service or if you are experiencing a problem and would like to book a visit, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer pool maintenance services to customers in Fort Worth, Arlington, DFW Metroplex, DFW Mid Cities and the surrounding areas.